Perfect Mixture for Acne Problems

Perfect Mixture for Acne Problems

If you have the time and you have persisted with the acne problems, try this special mix. The materials you need; Vitamin E ampoule (you can find it in the pharmacy), grape seed oil and aspirant oil (also called saffron sauce in some places). Stir in 1 E vitamine ampoule and mix with 2 teaspoons sirloin oil, 2 teaspoons aspirin oil. Take the mixture in a glass bottle and rub it with the acne spot before going to bed every night.


Perfect Mixture for Acne ProblemsThis vitamin with vitamin E helps and reduce the size of existing acne, especially large red spots, and makes it less acne. I do not say that it will create the same effect for everyone, but there is a benefit if you try. Your skin must be clean before you use this oil, and you should not rub it with cosmetic products such as foundation, cream, etc.

If you are looking for a solution for acne, you should first keep your skin very clean. If you have bacteria on your skin, as I mentioned above, you will meet with sebum and acne will come to you. What can be done to keep the skin clean? A cleaning wipe, facial cleansing foams or facial cleansing gels may be used. However, none of them should contain chemicals and alcohol. Otherwise, it is useless.

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