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argan oil

Argan Oil for Acne Treatment at Home

argan oilArgan Oil: We usually use Argan oil for our hair. It has the ability to soften and brighten the hair. But another feature that is soft and shiny is the natural beauty of skin care. Arganic oil contains antioxidants to protect and nourish our skin. In addition, acne and lesions in our skin on the effect is quite high. Argan oil is not like other natural oils. It does not harm more than one use during the day. You can find argan oil from pharmacies.
Usage: Wash and rinse your face. Drop a few drops of the area where the acne is on your skin. Massage and release the silky oil that you drop. This practice is beneficial to you every day. for Acne Treatment at Home

Sardinian Oil for Acne Treatment at Home

Sardinian OilSardinian Oil: An oil used by the Egyptians in cancer treatments. They also used it to make their skin beautiful. Sardinian oil used in the treatment of acne is a very strong antibacterial oil. In order to be effective, it has to be diluted with essential oil.
Usage: First, get one bottle of geranium and avocado oil. Put the avocado oil in a bottle as much as a tea spoon. Add two drops of geranium oil to the bottle of avocado oil and mix. Apply lightly to areas with acne as if doing a massage. Apply this method every day.

Avocado Oil for Acne Treatment at Home

Avocado OilAvocado Oil: Avocado oil is an oil that helps to destroy the acne in your skin. It helps to get rid of the inflammation because of the antioxidants in it. When applied to your skin, it absorbs quickly and does not bother you absolutely during the day. The rate of blocking the pores in your skin is very low.
Usage: Get a bottle of organic but cold pressed avocado oil. It is like a massage with a little dropping on your skin. You can do this every day.

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