Laser Treatment For Acne

Laser Treatment For Acne

What are the causes of acne and pimple?

Hormonal changes (puberty, pregnancy)
Some bacteria
Increase in production of sebum
Infection problems

How are Acne and Pimple Treated?

How are Acne and Pimple TreatedIf medication, ointment use is tried for these problems and these treatments are unsuccessful, laser treatment is a very successful option.

When should laser acne treatment be done?

Laser and light systems are methods that help acne-acne treatments, accelerate treatment and reduce the likelihood of scarring. In acne treatment, it is very useful to shorten the duration of treatment, to prevent recurring acne complaints, and to treat laser and light treatments for acne patients who can not use oral medicine.

It also treats acne patients who are prone to scarring and scarring and have traces of laser and light treatments. The goal in acne-acne treatment should be to improve the patient as soon as possible and ensure that no traces are left. Applying laser treatments during acne treatments also provides scar treatment.

How to make a laser treatment for acne?

Laser Treatment For AcneLaser acne treatment can be done at intervals of 1-3 weeks. At least 4-6 sessions are recommended with changing the number of sessions according to the device applied. Laser treatment of acne as well as cream and oral medication can be continued.

What are the changes in skin after laser acne treatment?

The laser system that is made may have several successive skin changes, from lighter pink to slightly scabbled skin after acupuncture laser treatment. Generally, side effects are low. Bronze and dark skin should be as careful as all laser and light applications.

How effective is acne treatment?

How effective is acne treatmentOne of the main reasons for the formation of inflammatory pimples is P. acnes bacteria, which normally live in the deep and fat channels. P. acnes bacteria are destroyed by absorbing the energy of the laser.

Light and laser systems reduce the number of bacteria and prevent acne formation. In addition, the laser and light systems will damage the oil glands under the skin without harming the skin. Shrinking and diminishing of the oil channels are the result of improvement in the acne pimples.

Number of Sessions
The number of sessions varies according to the degree of problem. For this reason, the first inspection interview is very important.
Session Time The duration of sessions is 1 in a few weeks.

What should be taken into account before proceeding?

After these procedures, it is very important to keep the skin clean and protect it from the sun.
For this reason, more care should be taken to use sunscreen creams after every sean and after the treatments are completely finished. Skin surface treatment should not be washed with hot water for 1 day and not make-up. In addition, the skin should be moisturized in a balanced manner without the use of oily creams.

Does it feel pain?

Local anesthetic cream can be applied 20 minutes before the laser application, although there is no pain.

Which devices are used in laser acne treatment?

Blue Light Treatment (Blue-Light)
Combination of Red Light and Blue Light
Photodynamic Therapy
Radiofrequency Treatment
PDL Laser Nd: YAG Laser
Fractional Laser

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