Acne around the mouth


Acne around the mouth. Cracked, dry, brittle – in winter, the delicate skin between the nose and chin is a problem zone for many. Here comes relief for five common annoyances.

Acne around the mouth Dry lips


Acne around the mouth

The delicate skin has no own sebaceous glands and therefore needs fats from the outside to stay supple. And they come either from the surrounding pores or over fatty ointments with vegetable and animal fats. “I’m a fan of pure shea butter, but cocoa butter and wool or beeswax are great for lip care,” says Dr. Yael Adler, Berlin dermatologist and author of the bestseller “Haut nah” (Droemer Verlag, around 17 euros).

Less good are pens with mineral oils. “They lay down like a sweaty plastic wrap over the lips, under it, the water accumulates and rinses the fats out of the delicate skin.” It creates an even drier feeling, and you continue creaming and creaming against it. Too much glycerine is not good either: “In high doses the good water binder removes so much moisture from our lips, that they are really brittle in the end. “Good lip care: eg. For example, “Soin des Lèvres” by Caudalíe, by 6 euros, “Protective lip care” by Sebamed, by 2 euros, “Beeswax Lip Balm” by Burt’s Bees, by 4 euros, “Bio Karité Butter” by L’Occitane, by 8 Euro.

Torn corners of the mouth

The best way to treat the painful skin cracks with healing ointment. This may be due to a lack of iron, vitamin B12 or zinc. A blood test at the doctor gives security, you can also prophylactically eat against it. There is a lot of iron for Eg yolks, salted herring, millet, lentils and soybeans. Good zinc suppliers are yeast, wheat germ, pine nuts and oatmeal. And vitamin B12 is highly concentrated in animal foods.

Blackhead on the lip edge

There are a few extra pores around the lips to treat the sebum. If you are prone to acne, you can hear blackheads with ugly black heads. “The horn plug prevents the sebum from draining,” says the dermatologist. “Because a blackhead is not as deep as a pimple, it is easier to express.” But in the delicate tissue around the mouth, caution is required: Whoever lends a hand, must first cleanse and disinfect them well. Stay away from inflamed areas. “If you push the bacteria deep down, they can get into the brain via the vessels and cause serious complications,” says Yael Adler. Apart from the fact that a deep inflammation here is very particularly painful. Salicylic acid (please do not apply to the delicate lip skin) helps with pimple alarm, z. B.

The skin is crazy

Is this acne? Pimples, reddish spots, and water-filled blisters around the mouth are often misinterpreted. But if a hem stays around the lips, so that the skin change does not approach the lip red, this indicates a so-called perioral dermatitis. Reason for this may be the over-maintenance with moisturizers, hormone fluctuations, silicone-containing make-up or cortisone creams. “Then only a zero diet will help the skin,” says Dr. Eagle. “For eight weeks no cream, no makeup, no cleaning product, absolutely nothing except clear water for washing.” If the waiver does not hurry, dermatologists may prescribe the antibiotic Doxycyclin in low dosage: Then it no longer works antibiotic, but anti-inflammatory.

The lipstick slips

The painted red flows into the tiny wrinkles on the edge of the red of the lip: this happens very easily from a certain age. After all, skin aging symptoms often show up as the very first. Contour pencils (transparent or in the color of the lipstick) help to keep the red in place. Preventive sun protection on the mouth is important. “UV rays penetrate very quickly into the delicate lip skin and destroy the elastic connective tissue,” says Yael Adler. Smoking is by the toxins an aging accelerator, and the eternal sucking movement of the lips does the rest. Lip contour pencil z. B. “Lipliner” by Dr. med. Hauschka, about 12 euros; Organic lipstick with UV protection z. B. “Tinted Lip Conditioner SPF 15” from Ilia, about 28 euros on

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